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Legal Living Hub is a platform that supports you with your eCom business. The all-round packages take the work off your hands, give you a better understanding of the legal issues and provide you with long-term support in growing your eCom business.


  • Creating a register of procedures or processing documentation can be tedious. LLH is happy to help you with this and, above all, provides easy-to-understand templates, offers training on how to complete them and, if necessary, works with you to create the documentation.

    from €135 per hour or part thereof*

  • You have already created your documentation, but don’t know whether it is correct or haven’t updated it for a long time. LLH will be happy to check your existing documentation and give you tips on how to optimise it.

    from €135 per hour or part thereof*

  • LLH offers an all-round check of websites and apps. These are checked for eCom compliance, which includes checking the terms and conditions, the legal notice, the data protection information and the legal design of the website/app.

  • Whether on-site or remote, you can book your data protection workshops with LLH – both on the basics of data protection and on specific departments. The workshops can be held in either German or English.

  • Are you interested in all our packages and would you like Legal Living Hub to be your compliance and data protection officer? Get in touch via our contact form and find out more.

* The prices quoted on this website for various consulting packages are net prices in euros (EUR) and are for guidance only. The actual costs may vary and depend on the individual scope of the services provided. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. Exact prices will only be determined after the first consultation.

“Data protection & IT rights can also be done with fun.”

Olga Eichmann

I have a Master’s degree in business law, specialising in data protection and corporate law, and am also CIPP/E certified.

I have been working for large corporations for over 7 years and have dealt intensively with eCom compliance issues, in particular data protection and IT law.

With Legal Living Hub, I want to support start-ups and SMEs in meeting the often incomprehensible data protection and compliance requirements. I really enjoy data protection and IT law and I want to convey this to my clients.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I start when creating a procedure directory?

List your data processing operations by

  1. determine which data you process
  2. why you process it
  3. how you process it

When do I have to delete the data?

The following steps can help you to find the right storage duration:

  1. find out what data you have
  2. list the reasons why you need it
  3. check or have LLH check for you whether you are legally obliged to retain it
  4. if the data is needed for several purposes and you have different deletion periods, take the longest storage period (there are a few more points to consider here)
  5. define an appropriate deletion mechanism

What do I need to bear in mind when consenting to a newsletter?

There are legal requirements as to how a newsletter consent should be formulated. Here are the most important points:

  1. Voluntary (i.e. no opt-out)
  2. Clear and understandable
  3. Contains all information (who receives which data and for what purpose)
  4. Possibility of cancellation
  5. Link to data protection information

But that’s not all! Further steps should be taken in the technical background, such as saving consent, verifying data, etc.

Contact LLH if you need support in designing your newsletter process.


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